I Love Fire! 
Eating it, Breathing it and Dancing with it!
 Burn bright with love & light!

Follow the links at the top of the page for details about Emerald City Dragons performance, my personal instruction, hand made eating torches or our Seattle area fire jam Spinurn!

I began my journey with fire before I can even remember. My aunt tells me I loved the fire eaters down by the Mississippi river in Minneapolis. 
Then I saw a family friend breathe fire, at 8 years old I was in awe and a bit terrified! It would be 20 more years before I decided I needed to do it myself and started my current walk with fire. 

Now I have been manipulating fire for more than 8 years. Using poi, batons and double staff to dance with it.  Founding Spinurn with help from many people and keeping it going has been my main focus as a way to spread the knowledge and popularity of fire performance.

Our performance troupe Emerald City Dragons pulls from a range of the community to provide just the right performance for any kind of event!

Don't try this at home! 
Without personal instruction, if I cannot instruct you I'll help you find somebody who can.

Thank you for letting me introduce myself, 
I hope you find the links and info on this page useful!