I Love Fire!

Eating it, Breathing it and Dancing with it!

Burn bright with love & light!

Follow the links at the top of the page for details about Emerald City Dragons group or solo performance, my personal instruction, hand made creations or local gatherings.

Allow me to introduce myself: I began my journey with fire before I can even remember. My aunt tells me I loved the fire eaters down by the Mississippi river in Minneapolis. Then I saw a family friend breathe fire, at 8 years old I was in awe and a bit terrified! It would be 20 more years before I decided I needed to do it myself and started my current walk with fire. Now I have been manipulating fire for more than 8 years. Using poi, batons and double staff to dance with it. Founding Spinurn with help from many people and keeping it going has been my main focus as a way to spread the knowledge and popularity of fire performance.

Our performance troupe Emerald City Dragons pulls from a range of the community to provide just the right performance for any kind of event!

Don't try this at home! Without personal instruction!

If I cannot instruct you I'll help you find somebody who can.

Thank you for letting me introduce myself,

I hope you find the links and info on this page useful!